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A state of bliss, elation or happiness.

Conceptual Design

One of the most rewarding activities we can engage in is the creation of our space. What we choose reflects who we are. The smallest of things can whisper to us, offering encouragement and consoling our thoughts. Home is the place for the soul, where everyday, the objects we live amongst quietly remind us of our most authentic selves. 


Creating a space can be a demanding process. It requires us to find our way to objects and interiors that convey our identities. From the little touches in our space that inspire, de-stress and bring out our personalities, to a complete overhaul and redesign.

At CLOUD NINE CREATE our experience, knowledge and creativity can help bring your vision to life.

 Clients tell us they often find it challenging coming up with, and visualising, a design scheme.

This might be because they are finding it difficult to generate ideas, or imagine how things will work altogether, or it could be because they are unsure about how to explore their design boundaries and translate what they have seen on-line, into their own space. It may be that they are apprehensive about making expensive purchases, which they later come to regret, or carrying out building work without fully comprehending what's involved.


CLOUD NINE CREATE offers conceptual interior and exterior design and consultancy.

We come up with the design scheme based on your input and how you would like the space to work.

We generate inspiring design ideas, provide feedback on the practicalities involved, and produce plans and visual imagery that help translate the design vision into your reality. We can recommend what to purchase, so you may then implement the design scheme for yourself, giving you control over your project and budget. 

We can start from scratch, or work with what is already available.


Whether a private or commercial brief, we aim to approach a project holistically and in a cohesive manner, whereby the grounds, local area and style of buildings help inform the aesthetic. We have a love of biophilic design, and considering ways to improve our green credentials when undertaking a design project. 



We dream in colour...and black and white.

En suite - Georgian townhouse
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Double bedroom - Georgian townhouse
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Double bedroom - Georgian townhouse
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Cut flowers, Desdemona white fragrant rose - Georgian townhouse
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Columbus Whimsical Cole & Son wall paper - Georgian townhouse
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Walled garden - Georgian townhouse
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What a difference a day makes.


The world is a stage...

The elements of interior design and space planning including room layout, configuration and composition; decoration; furniture, soft furnishings, fixtures & fittings and accessories selection; artwork curation. Practical advice on bathroom and kitchen designs. From introducing new elements and freshening things up in a surprisingly budget effective way, to a complete overhaul and redesign. We are particularly adept at room styling and staging, helping you create or update your look, elevating how your space is presented, and differentiating your property, so you may attract a more discerning buyer or guest resulting in an increased return on investment.


Light of my life...

The light and colour in each space changes throughout the day and according to the seasons. How would you like the space to work for you? Are you going to play to the room's strengths and features or use lighting and colour to adjust the feel, getting more enjoyment and pleasure from time spent there. Finding inexpensive, stylish yet functional lighting, that does not require major adjustments to a room can be tricky...along with choosing which hue of white, colour punctuations and accents that have a cohesive tonal exchange. We have some bright ideas that will help you to fall back in love with your space.


Stop and smell the roses...

The therapeutic benefits of spending time outdoors, as well as brining the outside in, has long been recognised. Wouldn't it be great to have an exterior space that you really love spending time in, that extends the space you can occupy, and that you can maintain with the free time you have? We strive to select and combine plants that help insects and wildlife to thrive, and that work in harmony with each other, to promote environmental well being, minimising the need for harmful chemicals. We focus on companion planting, species that are native to the area, and biophilic design.


Flexible Fee Options:


For smaller projects, for example, a room style refresh, or those with a specified brief like new lighting, sockets & switches configuration, artwork curation, room layout and space planning, soft furnishings, furniture, fixture & fittings and accessories selection and placement, or even establishing a purchase schedule for items representative of a more conservative project budget, we can offer an hourly rate...even just a few hours can make a big difference to the direction your project takes, along with the outcome, in finding affordable yet stylish solutions in resolving your design scheme.


Alternatively, we can offer a fee package, based on an overall understanding of your larger project. The quotation for this would be provided after the first complimentary consultation.

And we are distinctive from more conventional design service offerings - as a conceptual design and consultancy service, we use software to produce floor plans, diagrams and elevation drawings of your space, as well as 'virtual' 3D models, which you may then use to implement the design scheme for yourself.

We can recommend what to purchase, giving you control over your project and budget. 

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Who Works With Us


A name colloquially given to a state of elation...

At CLOUD NINE CREATE we believe that the experience of pleasure and excitement a beautifully designed home can bring, contributes significantly to feelings of well-being and happiness.


The 'staycation' is back and British holidaymakers are more discerning than ever, carefully selecting accommodation that is stylish, comfortable, and offers a unique experience.
From self-catering holiday lets to 'boutique' hotels and B&Bs, we're here to help you hone and present your property, making it stand out from the crowd. 


As the demands of a project ramp up, the way a development is presented can easily slip down the priority list, yet for a buyer, it is possibly the most compelling factor in attracting their attention.

Turnkey interior design and styling that inspires and excites, without polarising, is now a given, ultimately 
contributing to the bottom line.


Clients embarking on a move, both to style and help present their existing property ready to go onto the market, as well as to plan the interior and exterior design of their new home.


Clients settled in their dream home, but who want to update their space, or add additional space, as their needs change and evolve over time. This could include anything from a room refresh with existing beloved objects, the introduction of new pieces, or a substantial renovation project.

Clients with additional properties or space which they are looking to generate a rental income from, to independent 'boutique' hotels and B&Bs.


If your property is on-line, you are participating in a professional marketplace, competing not just with other similar offerings, but with your target markets’ perceived value of what makes for stylish and compelling space, given the everyday accessibility to good design, at our fingertips.

A 'boutique' developer without an in-house design resource, or one who requires additional support for larger or more nuanced projects...things have moved on from providing a neutral canvas for buyers to 'imagine' their dream home for themselves.


In the same way a developer would work with an architect or surveyor from the beginning of a venture, a designer is just as integral to the success of the end project in achieving both market objectives and financial goals.



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